Before Keeping Warm With The Fireplace This Winter, Contact Chimney Repair In Carroll County, MD Specialists


A crackling fire is wonderful during the winter months provided the chimney is in proper working order. Chimneys need to be checked by a professional each year just like a furnace does. Soot, water and debris can accumulate in a chimney due to a variety of circumstances. Water can enter a chimney due to melting snow from the previous winter which can result in a crack in the lining of the chimney. It’s important to contact Chimney Repair in Carroll County MD, before lighting a fireplace in a home. A lot of damage cannot be seen by an untrained eye that can cause fires in chimneys. Chimneys are one of the leading causes of fires in a home.

The chimney cap protects the chimney from birds entering the liner and building a nest. Birds in a chimney can sometimes be heard through their chirping or through a sound that appears to be a wind gust coming down the chimney. If the damper is open, birds can enter a home. Soot is another problem that can create a fire hazard in a chimney. The heating and cooling of the chimney can lead to black and oily soot that catches fire due to hot embers leaving the fire. A chimney that is used during the winter months should be checked for soot build-up before the next season of usage.

Cleaning a chimney should be performed by a professional. They will remove the soot while protecting the contents of the home. After thoroughly cleaning the chimney, they will inspect the liner and outside of the chimney for any hazards there may be. These chimney sweeps work for a company that is Experienced in Chimney Repair in Carroll County MD. Their keen trained eye can help to keep the occupants of home with a fireplace safe from a fire. Leaks in brick or stone on the outside of a chimney is also cause for concern with home fires. Masonry can crack at the level of the fire in a home or on the outside of a chimney due to adverse reactions to the weather. Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps are well trained and experienced in keeping a home safe with a fireplace or wood burning stove.

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