Are You Looking To Buy Rugs In Charlotte North Carolina?


There are many reasons for the continuing popularity of Rugs In Charlotte and its surrounding areas; in fact, rugs remain a floor (or wall) covering more or less everywhere around the world. I guess this dates back to the days when weavers first started to produce textile floor coverings and wall hangings – their product was made to a size of their choosing and not to the exact dimensions of the purchaser’s floor space. Somewhere along the line, we started referring to a covering that covered the whole floor as a carpet. Whereas, one that did not was called a rug. The choice of names remains somewhat blurred to this day. In the Arabian Nights tales, a flying carpet is featured even though it is depicted as being of rug size.


Is There Any Real Difference Between Carpets And Rugs For Charlotte NC?


Basically none at all, they are both manufactured from the same materials and they can both serve the same purpose. However, here in the States, we tend to have wall to wall carpets that require experts to lay them and, once laid, are basically non-moveable. On the other hand, Rugs For Charlotte use are not firmly fixed to the floor and can be easily lifted up and moved to a different part of the home or commercial premises.


Americans also sub-divide their rugs into two broad categories – area rugs and custom rugs. Again the difference between the two is vague and the same rug could be either one or the other. It rather depends upon the function that the rug owner requires. Rugs In Charlotte that are placed as a centrepiece in a room (often beneath the family sized dining table) would be considered as area rugs.


Rugs that are not square, rectangular or circular in shape are more likely to be called custom Rugs In Charlotte NC. These rugs would have been manufactured to one of the standard shapes and then cut to fit the floor area that they are to be placed on. Since many custom rugs will be fixed to their floors, maybe they should be considered as non-wall-to-wall carpets?


How To Buy


By all means check the web for ideas but, buying any type of carpet or Rugs In Charlotte is very much about seeing and feeling the real thing. To do this, you need to visit a warehouse and browse through their selection. You should be prepared with the basic size and shape that you need and an approximate idea about color and texture but keep an open mind and listen to any advice that the experts at the store have to give.


When selecting Rugs In Charlotte for your home or business, you should go to the Carpet Discount Warehouse at 6100 East Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28212. Whatever you need, they are sure to show you a fine selection.

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