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Veterinary experts overwhelmingly agree that it is always the best decision for pet owners to have their dogs and cats spayed or neutered. But sometimes people do not feel right having their pets sterilized for a variety of reasons. For some, they worry their pet will not be as happy, while others love their pets so much that they want to be able to have more like them in the future. This article addresses common concerns and questions many people have regarding pet sterilization.

Health Risks

It is true that there have a been a few studies done that suggest a potentially increased risk of cancer for male dogs who are neutered before they are 14 months old. But these studies have been deemed to have poor scientific credibility. At the same time, male dogs and cats who are neutered before six months of age will not develop testicular cancer. For female pets, being spayed before their first heat has conclusively been shown to reduce breast cancer and urinary infections.


Neutering reduces male aggressiveness in cats and dogs. Some dog owners feel they want their dog to be aggressive so they will protect their owners. But aggression has little to do with protectiveness, which dogs develop anyways when they are treated well and share a strong bond with their families. Aggression in both cats and dogs only promotes restless and disobedient behaviors, like running away, and urinating in the house. Females who are spayed will experience a significant reduction in discomfort and agitation during heat cycles.


A common question people ask is when they should have their pet sterilized. Some pet owners want to let their pets give birth to at least one litter first. However, you must Spay and Neuter Leawood KS pets before six months of age to achieve the benefits and avoid the problems. For more details, visit the site.

By far the most compelling reason to have pets sterilized is that it reduces overwhelming amount of abandoned and homeless cats and dogs. Even if you find homes for any offspring, you can not guarantee they will be kept there. Furthermore, there are not nearly enough good homes for all the animals who already need them. By any measure, if you care for the well being of your companions and other animals everywhere, it is important to always Spay and Neuter Leawood KS pets.

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