Are Eternity Rings Really for The Rest of Your Life?

Are Eternity Rings Really for The Rest of Your Life?

When should you offer the gift of diamond eternity rings? To many, the rings are offered to honor a specific occasion and are designed to show an exceptional everlasting love. They are designed specifically as one unbroken band to prove that the love will last forever.

Are They an Anniversary Gift?

Although some diamond eternity rings are given and exchanged before engagement rings or marriage bands, most are gifted to celebrate a specific wedding anniversary. In tradition, this was the diamond wedding anniversary after 60 years of marriage, but in modern times, the rings can celebrate any date from the first anniversary. Today, it seems odd to have to wait 60 years to offer an eternity ring as a sign of love and affection.

For some couples, the eternity ring is an excellent choice of gift after the birth of a child.

Eternity rings are often chosen with a platinum or gold band, with the potential of adding a variety of handcrafted diamonds or a selection of precious stones.

Where Do You Wear Eternity Rings?

Eternity rings can be worn permanently in the position above or in the middle of the engagement ring and wedding band, traditionally on your left ring finger.

In modern times, many larger designs of diamond eternity rings are available. There is a change to tradition of wearing your gift on the ring finger by moving it to the third finger on your right hand.

Jewelers have individual preferences, but the design and final choice of eternity rings is to complement any other jewelry you wear on your hand, so that it can stand out, but not take over completely.

When you consider the reasons for gifting an eternity ring, when you are sure, perhaps gifting the ring sooner rather than later is a good choice.

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