Appeal Lawyer: Do I Need One?


If you want to appeal your case or want a different court decision, hiring the services of an appeal attorney in Florida will go a long way to getting the results you want.

What’s my situation?

The inherent challenge in these cases is that the lawyer works with a case that’s already been unsuccessful in the lower courts. Your lawyer must then find a different way, approach or evidence to make sure court results the second time around come out in your favor instead.

How can a lawyer help me?

An experienced and skilled appellate attorney will review all the details of your case, from trial records to all the related documents. Your lawyer will do a thorough research on the case as well as on related law codes to unearth any information or detail that could provide solid proof to build your case. With an appeal attorney in Florida by your side, you could overturn the decision of the lower courts and get the compensation and justice you deserve.

What qualities do I look for?

Because of the nature of appellate law—meaning lawyers revisit old cases, looking to turn up new clues or something the previous legal team or lawyer might have missed—there’s a ton of research involved. That said, it’s best to look for a lawyer with a stellar talent for research along with great analytical and writing skills, says The Balance. These will prove crucial in gathering evidence and building a case.

What other considerations do I have?

You’ll want to hire someone you’re comfortable with as well as someone who’s dedicated to your case. If your lawyer takes several days to answer your calls or reply to your emails, it might be better to simply terminate that professional relationship, walk away and consult with another lawyer about your case.

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