A Commercial Locksmith in Chicago Does More than Make Keys

A Commercial Locksmith in Chicago Does More than Make Keys

The services of a commercial locksmith in Chicago are more extensive than most business owners think. Yes, extra keys can be made and locks changed when necessary. That function is only one aspect of available services. There is a multitude of key and lock systems offered to suit unique business needs.

Twenty-four Hour Businesses

Some factories, hospitals, and nursing homes do not close. At some point, all the doors are locked for security and safety. At the same time, the staff membersĀ are coming and going at all hours of the night and day. A wireless system of entry for those who arrive after regular business hours eliminates the need to have a security guard stationed at the door.

A key fob or identification card given to staff will allow them to enter. They pass the fob over the locking mechanism or insert the card into a reader to release the door lock. The door locks automatically when shut. The general public cannot enter. A key pad can also be used within the building to restrict entrance into different sections or wings.

High-Security Systems

A commercial locksmith in Chicago can discuss the needs of a business and recommend the best solution for allowing only authorized access to some areas. A security badge can be supplied to only people who can be in that room or area. Bio-metric scans are also an option. That can mean eye, palm, or fingerprint scans to allow entry. Voice recognition is also an option.

Securing Valuables

Safes are provided, installed, and can be moved by a locksmith. Opening the safe when the key is lost or the combination is forgotten is also an available service. An experienced locksmith company, such as Amazing Lock Service Inc, can provide selection assistance to help owners choose the type and size of safe that will suit the needs.

A small business, for example, may only need a wall safe or small vault that sits on the office floor. A large business may require a big walk-in safe to store money, raw materials, research and development plans, or precious gems. Safes for gun storage are also available.

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