5 Problems With Bathroom Plumbing in Indianapolis IN


Most homeowners have basic tools to handle simple plumbing problems. Often, clogged toilets and slow drains may just need a plunger to work again. Small jobs can easily be handled in-house, but bigger problems with bathroom plumbing in Indianapolis IN often need professional help. Below are some fo the most common bathroom plumbing issues.

Poor Water Pressure

A home’s plumbing system may have pressure problems if the water only trickles when it should gush. While these issues are sometimes related to municipal water supplies, others are caused by buildup in pipes, faucets, or aerators. Cleaning these parts can resolve the issue, but if it doesn’t help, it may be time to call a plumber.

Pipe Leaks

A plumbing leak can be a costly nuisance. Although replacing pipes isn’t necessarily a hard job, it can be messy. Until a plumber can come out, consider using compression clamps and leak tape to temporarily stop the leak.

Drain Clogs

If the water going into the toilet, tub, or sink won’t drain, there may be a partial or complete clog. In many cases, plunging can resolve the issue, but it won’t completely remove deep clogs. If drain clogs are a persistent problem, call a plumber.

Dripping Faucets

An untreated dripping faucet can be particularly annoying if the homeowner doesn’t know how to fix it. Not only that, it can increase the owner’s water bill. Not all sinks have washers that hold back the water; some use ceramic plates to create a tight seal. It’s a good idea to call a pro to deal with this type of issue found in Bathroom Plumbing in Indianapolis IN.

Foul Odors

If there’s a smell of sewer gas in the bathroom, it could be caused by damaged pipes, a drain clog, a broken toilet ring, or a dried-out shower trap. Although some DIY fixes can help, it’s still best to call a plumber who can identify the cause and properly handle it.

These problems are sometimes just minor annoyances, but if they’re left unchecked, they can grow into big problems. Contact us for help with bathroom plumbing maintenance and repair.

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