5 Essential Qualities of a Superior DP System


Looking for a dynamic positioning system? Here are a few must-have qualities to look for:

Immediate course correction

Consider the course correction capabilities of the DP system. An excellent one should be able to accept minute changes in wind and waves, generating the proper responses and ensuring the ship or vessel stays in place, steady and stable. If there’s too much lag time in between, you’ll want to look for a better DP system, one that demonstrates better

Service continuity

Installing a DP system then allows rigs and vessels to provide the best possible working conditions to employees. This allows for longer service continuity, eliminating costly delays. For organizations that want better continuity of service, this is an excellent advantage to choosing a sound choice for a DP system.

Wide range of vessels

Make sure the DP system you choose works with more than one kind of vessel. That way, you can use it for a range of vessels and operations. Some are also much more ideal to install in smaller vessels or stations than larger ones. Some are much more adaptable and can easily work with a slew of yachts of all sizes and types so keep those details in mind.

Competitive advantage

By equipping your vessels or rigs with an excellent dynamic positioning system that’s ideal for your needs and budget, you can look forward to better operational levels at sea, with greater mean time between failure, says gCaptain. That’s the kind of competitive advantage that could easily set your fleet or facilities apart from your competition.


Another advantage you’ll want to consider is the cost-savings that the DP system will provide you with. A budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality results is always a worthwhile investment. That’s the kind of DP system you should look for when you scout around for DP systems and products.

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