Discussing A Dog Attack With A Personal Injury Attorney In Charles County, MD

Discussing A Dog Attack With A Personal Injury Attorney In Charles County, MD

In Maryland, pet owners are restricted from allowing their pets to roam freely. The purpose of these restrictions is to lower the risk of personal injuries associated with an aggressive animal. When these residents fail to comply with the law the probability of a liability claim is high. The following are details that are discussed with a personal injury attorney in Charles County MD about a dog attack.

Reviewing Any Previous History of Attacks

The animal control officer has a record of all animal attacks reported. If this officer determines that the dog had a previous history of attacks, the pet owners could be held at a strict liability. Once proven, the victim can utilize the strict liability to guarantee compensation for all their medical expenses related to the attack. They can also acquire additional awards for pain and suffering since the pet owner was aware of these risks.

An Assessment of the Victim’s Injuries

The victim’s injuries could define further awards based on how they affect the victim. For example, if a permanent disability was produced, they could acquire a higher financial settlement based on an inability to support themselves financially. This disability could also have an impact on the animal control officer’s ruling about the animal.

Animal Control Requirements for Dogs

Typically, the officer requires a quarantine period of twelve days. This is the amount of time needed for signs of rabies to develop. However, if the pet owner has thorough vaccination records for the animal, the quarantine isn’t necessary. The pet owner must present these records to the animal control officer and surrender the animal for an assessment by a licensed vet. This assessment determines if the dog poses any threat to the public. The animal control officer has the final say about the outcome for the animal.

In Maryland, pet owners must follow guidelines for mitigating the risk of a dog attack. These guidelines are defined through local leash laws and requirements for maintaining control over the animal. Victims of these attacks who need to contact a personal injury attorney in Charles County MD can visit Dseidmanlaw.com for more information right now.

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