3 Questions to Ask a Lash Stylish in Austin, TX


Going to the salon can be a real treat. There are so many services to choose from in addition to all of the amazing products on the shelves. While hair and nails often get a lot of attention, more people are starting to head into the salon for their eyelashes. When coming to an appointment with a Lash Stylist Austin TX clients should ask several questions to ensure they understand the services.

What Service Would be Most Beneficial?

Lash services, just like hair services, are customized to the individual. There is no one service that is going to work for every person that walks through the door. Ideally, a lash stylist will be able to take a closer look at the lashes and discuss the various services available in detail. Take the time to listen closely and ask any questions as they arise. There is a lot to consider when choosing a service. Women that don’t want to spend a lot of time on maintenance may prefer a lash lift instead of eyelash extensions. Be prepared to receive a lot of information at one time.

Are There Other Services That Will Complement the Look?

With a recommendation by a Lash Stylist Austin TX clients will often be able to take advantage of other services that will help complement the eyelashes. For example, it might be a good idea to have a brow wax right before the lash services are done. This can instantly improve a person’s appearance and ensure that the lashes get the full attention they deserve. Others may want to consider a brow extension to add to their overall aesthetic. Visit website for more information.

When Should the Next Appointment be Scheduled?

Eyelash services make a huge difference in a person’s appearance but they don’t last forever. Find out when the next appointment needs to be scheduled. Most people will make the appointment before leaving the salon. This prevents that last minute phone call to get in for more eyelash extensions that ends with a client finding out there is no availability. Scheduling in advance helps a woman to keep up with her new look.

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