Your Guide to Buying the Best Flashlight for Your Needs


For years, flashlights have been the “go-to” for handheld lights. While headlamps have gained much popularity in recent years, flashlights remain the top choice of consumers worldwide. Flashlights are hand-held, portable lights that utilize small light bulbs or LED lighting. They are great for use in natural disasters, personal emergencies or for any other occasion that calls for a portable lighting device. Today, there are a number of different flashlights – from big and small, to battery operated and solar-powered. Out of all the makes and models, how do you find the best one to suit your individual needs? When buying a flashlight, it is important to consider the size and weight, battery type and the amount of available light output.

Size and Weight

While size and weight is largely personal preference, it is an important thing to consider. The size and weight of an object will make a difference depending on your needs and what you are looking to do. An individual who is camping, for instance, may want a flashlight that is a bit lighter and more compact than a construction worker who is looking for rugged durability.  It is also important to consider the material a particular flashlight is constructed from – is it plastic or some kind of aluminum alloy metal? The material used to make the flashlight will ultimately impact the size and weight of the product, as well.

Battery Type

While the size and weight of a flashlight are important, considering the battery type is critical. Some batteries are harder to find and more difficult to replace than others. A flashlight that operates off of “AA” or “AAA” batteries, for instance, may be a better option than one that operates off of “D” batteries. Some batteries are more readily sold and have more widespread availability than others. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of replacing batteries every few months, rechargeable flashlights may be a viable option. Rechargeable flashlights feature built in batteries that can be plugged into an outlet and readily recharged. Solar flashlights are yet another option that relies on the sun as a means of power. Not only do solar flashlights and other rechargeable options cut down on waste, but they tend to be more cost effective overall.

Light Output

Another important aspect to consider when purchasing a flashlight is the amount of light a particular product expends. It is important to read the packaging on any flashlight to determine the amount of light output (usually signified in “lumens”), how far the light will shine and how long the light will shine for. All of these things, when taken into account, can help ensure you pick the most suitable flashlight for your personal or professional needs.

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