You Want to Reach the LGBT Consumers

You Want to Reach the LGBT Consumers

Google and YouTube have shown us that messages pertaining to equality for the LGBT community can have a massive impact on an advertising campaign.  When it comes to the court of public opinion, perception is everything.  Companies have always fallen or stood based on the quality of their products, but now they are basically being forced to take a stance on their beliefs when it comes to political and other important issues.  That has become increasingly true applying to their stance on LGBT advertising campaigns.

How this Affects Buyer Decisions
As attention continues to center around equal rights, particularly marriage rights, it is having an even larger influence on buyer’s decisions.  Over 45% of the buyers in this country under the age of 34 prefer to do business with LGBT friendly businesses and that is where their repeat business goes.  More and more brands are using campaigns that include messages of “pride advertising.”  It isn’t just about them recognizing the community, but it is a chance for them to take a stand and lets the whole world know what it is.  When a company does that, people respond.  It starts a conversation and gets consumers spending their dollars on the businesses who share their beliefs.

Best Practices for Commercial Ads
*Include LGBT individuals as friends and family of different ages and ethnicities.
*Do not fall into the use of old stereotypes such as overly feminine men or that “butch” type lesbian that many people used to think of.
*Play your ads nationally.  Just because people live in a rural area does not mean that have no culture or sensitivity.
*Be confident in your beliefs.  Do not let negative comments from right-wingers cause you to change or pull the campaign.

Pink Banana Media can help you reach your target audience, the LGBT community, by the use of the best in advanced technology, letting you reach buyers on a global scale.

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