You Can Have a Beautiful Smile Through the Cosmetic Dentist in Oahu


Having a beautiful smile is not always achievable. Even if you properly care for your teeth, there may be issues that cause your smile to look less attractive than you would like. Though these issues can cause you to feel self-conscious about your smile, there are treatments available. Through the Cosmetic Dentist Oahu, you can overcome a variety of issues so you can have the beautiful smile you have always wanted.

* When a person’s teeth are stained or yellowed, this can cause them to feel unhappy about the appearance of their smile. Stained teeth can also cause other cosmetic imperfections to become more pronounced. The Cosmetic Dentist Oahu can offer teeth whitening treatments. These treatments remove the deepest of stains so your teeth are made six to ten shades lighter. Treatments typically last thirty to ninety minutes. Many people need up to ten treatments to get their teeth as white as possible.

* Damage to the teeth, malformations and permanent staining can make you feel embarrassed about your smile. Dental veneers offer the most promising form of treatment for these issues. The dentist can cover your cosmetic flaws with porcelain or composite. These allow your teeth to be completely covered so your smile is perfected. Veneers can last for many years and can greatly increase your confidence. Click here for more details.

* Missing teeth can cause a big issue with the appearance of your smile. This is especially true if you are missing teeth in the front of your mouth. Though this issue can cause many problems, dental implants offer the solution. Dental implants provide a permanent replacement for the teeth you are missing. This allows your smile to be fully restored so you can feel confident in your appearance and regain full function of your teeth.

If you are tired of dealing with cosmetic dental concerns, contact the office of Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi DDS. His office can offer you all of these cosmetic dental treatments and more so you can have a truly beautiful smile. Call today and schedule your consultation appointment so you can get started. Through these services, a variety of cosmetic concerns can be treated.

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