Would An Air Cleaner Installation In Wichita, Kansas Help You Breathe Better?

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Is your home making you sick? For as many as 20% of Americans of all ages, the answer (whether they know it or not) is yes! That sounds alarmist, but one in every five people have asthma or allergies. Since both of these chronic medical issues are caused or triggered by minute airborne particles, air quality becomes critical.


It has been estimated that many of us spend 90% of our time indoors. Our homes should be our havens. Unfortunately, research has shown that indoor air pollution is often much greater than outdoor pollution. A number of factors affect air quality, including pets, whether anyone smokes indoors, and whether the floors are carpeted or hard surfaced.


What causes allergies and asthma?


Allergies are caused by antigens, protein particles that enter our body and cause an allergic reaction. The antigens, which can be pollen, pet dander or certain foods, may trigger an allergic reaction. When a specific antigen causes this allergic reaction (sneezing, throat swelling, dry or weepy eyes, etc.), that antigen is called an allergen.


These allergens enter our body in a number of ways.


* People breathe them in.


* Food allergies are triggered when a particular food is eaten (like peanuts).


* An allergen can be injected, either by an insect or a syringe.


* An allergen can be absorbed through the skin, as when someone touches poison ivy.


The causes of asthma are complicated, but have some factors in common with allergies. Asthma is triggered by many possible conditions, including airborne allergens. Also, both allergies and asthma are affected by the environment but also have a genetic component. It’s not known why one member of the family will have a problem and others don’t.


Can an air cleaner help an allergy or asthma sufferer?


Yes. A well-engineered air cleaner can remove most airborne particles, including bacteria, smoke and dust. These particles are tiny – .3 microns or less. Clean air is a tremendous benefit to everyone, but especially to those with breathing difficulties.


Kelley and Dawson Service offers Air Cleaner Installation in Wichita Kansas. The Trane Air Cleaners they recommend use a revolutionary technology that removes up to 99.98% of airborne particles. Anyone wishing to learn more about whether an Air Cleaner Installation in Wichita Kansas, would benefit their family should call the company for more information.

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