Working With Moving Companies In Fort Lauderdale


While many people live in the same house for their entire life, this is not the typical experience for most Americans. In fact, the average family or individual in the state and the city will have to use the services of moving companies in Fort Lauderdale one every five years.

Of this group, the vast majority, or about two-thirds, will move to a new residence in the same county, and about one quarter will move elsewhere in the state. The remainder will move out of state and internationally.

This is not unique to Florida and is consistent across the entire nation. With this many people moving it is no wonder moving companies in Fort Lauderdale and around the country are offering more and more services to help their customers.

Services Offered by Moving Companies in Fort Lauderdale

Today, just about any service you need related to a move will be provided by the top moving companies in Fort Lauderdale. All the consumer needs to do is ask for the service or ask if the service is available.

One of the most commonly requested services is assistance with packing and unpacking. The moving company will provide trained packers who will come to your residence, typically in advance of the date of the move, and safely pack items.

This may include custom packing of all items in the home, or a customer may request packing services for specific rooms, types of items or for valuable or large items. Professional packers are trained in the appropriate types of packing for all types of valuable items including art, china, crystal, figurines and electronic or computer equipment.

Storage Options

Another very common request of moving companies in Fort Lauderdale is for short term storage. This can be a problem when the closing dates on the existing home and the date or possession of the new home leave the family with a gap in time.

In this situation, the customer should discuss short-term storage options in advance with the moving companies in Fort Lauderdale. Look for a company with dedicated secure facilities to ensure the safety of your possessions.

Homeowners may be very surprised to find there are some top moving companies in Fort Lauderdale providing assistance with home staging, organization and preparing your home for sale. They may also have resources to assist in finding a Realtor and providing information on developing a home marketing plan.

When it is time to start working with moving companies in Fort Lauderdale, ask about their services above and beyond moving, you will be amazed at what they offer.

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