Wooden Shipping Containers Offer Many Benefits

Wooden Shipping Containers Offer Many Benefits

In the 21st Century, you have many choices for shipping containers and materials. You can choose high-tech plastics, metal, or reinforced corrugated products. However, of all the choices, the oldest and most trusted choice is wooden shipping containers. Why are these boxes still so popular and the preferred choice for so many companies today? Let’s take a closer look and see.

The Perfect Material

When you check out the materials, wood comes with the most benefits. It’s not expensive, and it’s one of the sturdiest materials you can use. In fact, your wooden shipping containers will protect your goods against:

Rain – some products have to sit out on docks for long periods before loading or after unloading. You never know when it’s going to rain but wood boxes easily shed water and many are off the ground so you can slide a lift truck underneath for moving. This allows for drainage and keeps water from gathering around the boxes.

Saltwater – if you ship goods via the ocean, your materials need protection from the salty environment. Even if they don’t get wet, they still get exposed to salt in the air. Wooden shipping containers are not affected by salt.

Humidity – moisture laden air can wreak havoc with paper-based products like cardboard. In fact, the moisture may cause cartons to tear or distort and this can lead to damaged or lost goods.

Cold weather – some materials get hard or brittle in the cold, and this can affect your shipping cartons. Wood containers are fine in cold weather, and even snow won’t bother them.

Perfect for Warehousing

Wood crates are easily stacked and moved about. In fact, when you choose custom-made crates, you have the perfect containers for your business. A manufacturer specializing in wooden shipping containers can give you anything you want.

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