Winter Things To Do In Rocky Mountain National Park


Winter comes in strong in Colorado. The snow builds up and the wind makes its presence felt. In Rocky Mountain National Park, some roads shut down and many of the tourists have fled. Yet, this does not mean you cannot visit. In winter, there are still many things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park.

When the Snow Flies: Get Moving

When the snow flies, those who love winter sports rejoice. While staying inside cozy and warm is some people’s ideal of fun, others head outdoors. They hit the slopes and, in Rocky National Park, they take to the trails. During the winter, people can snow shoe along a variety of trails or head off backcountry. If snowshoes are not your thing, try out cross-country skiing. Both are effective means of getting around.

If you decide to ski or snowshoe you probably will see wild life that hides during the summer months. Winter is an excellent time to spot “Big Game” animals including elk, mule, deer and moose. You could also birdwatch. Make your way along either beginner’s or experienced trails to see how nature in its winter glory. These are great things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park in the winter.

But that’s just the fun for the adults, parents can arrange for their children to join one of the many Ranger-Led programs available for those who use the Park.  If your child is interested in learning how to ski or snow shoe and to discover more of Rocky Mountain National Park, the Ranger-Led program would be perfect for them. For beginners, there are Ranger-Led Beginning Snowshoe walks taking place on the Park’s east side throughout the months of January to March end. These are arranged for every Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, weather permitting. For those with more experience under their belt, you can take part in Beginning and Intermediate Snowshoe walks lead on the Park’s West side of the park. Alternatively, consider joining in with those signed up for “Ski the Wilderness in Winter” group events are fun.

If you have children, take them to Hidden Valley. Here, they can slide down hills the good old-fashioned way. Bring your own slider, tube or sled. If you do not have one, rent one from nearby Grand Lake. Just remember, while the hill is a gentle slope, you do not have a tow (except for maybe your parents) to take you to the top again. It is sliding the way it was originally. You get to ride down but have to walk up before you can do it all over again.

Winter Things to Do in Rocky Mountain National Park

Winter does not mean enjoying a vacation in Rocky Mountain National Park is not possible. Fun things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park are not limited to the warm months. This Park is one you can enjoy all year long.

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