Why You Should Consider Partial Dentures In Winchester


In Virginia, dental patients may need help after multiple extractions. These circumstances could present them with difficulties in speaking and chewing. By replacing the missing teeth, they restore function. partial dentures in Winchester are among these devices that help patients replace missing teeth.

How Are Partial Dentures Made?

First, the dentist acquires a mold of the patient’s gums where the teeth are missing. The ridges of the gums are a centralized part of ensuring that the patient acquires a proper fit. The teeth for the device are made to look like the natural teeth. The dentist connects the teeth to the device. The partial is made to fit within the designated portion of the mouth.

How to Use Partial Dentures

If the partial is removable, the dentist shows the patient how to apply adhesive to the partial. They should them how to place the partial in the mouth to acquire a proper fit. The dentist may affix wiring on the connecting teeth. This helps them to secure the device in the mouth.

If the partial is a permanent installation, the partial is connected to a crown at each end. The crowns are connected by grinding the tooth into a cone shape. The crown is placed over the entire tooth and is connected with an abutment and adhesive. The remaining part of the partial is bonded to the gum line.

Replacements and Care

The dentist provides instructions for the care of the partial denture. They show the patient how to remove the adhesive from the removable device. They also explain the correct techniques for cleaning a permanent installation.

If the partial dentures become damaged, the dentist takes steps to replace them. This includes removing and correcting a permanent device. The dentist provides assistance when damage occurs.

In Virginia, dental patients need clear choices for replacing any missing teeth. Among the options for replacing them are partial dentures. These devices are made to fit within a predefined section of the mouth. They are either removable or installed permanently. Patients who wish to acquire partial dentures in Winchester should Contact Thomas Family Dentistry PC to schedule an appointment today.

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