Why you Need Health Insurance


You may be young, vibrant, healthy and in excellent physical condition – so why would you need health insurance? There are many reasons! Here are just a few:

*You can’t predict the future: If you get in an accident or become ill with a life-threatening disease, your medical costs could skyrocket. It’s not uncommon for just a few days’ stay in the hospital to cost thousands of dollars. Severe injuries, including rehabilitation and home care, could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Without insurance, you are responsible for paying these costs out of your own pocket.

*Prescription medication: Even the healthiest people sometimes need prescription medication for such things as Strep Throat, infections, pneumonia and other ‘minor’ medical conditions. Medication can be extremely expensive, and if you don’t have health insurance that covers your prescriptions you may strain your budget; especially if you have to take your medication for several months.

*Surgery: Even minor out-patient surgery can cost thousands of dollars. With health insurance, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case you need medical attention, such as surgery.

*Emergencies: A ruptured appendix, severe cut requiring stitches or a fall down the stairs require emergency services, including an ambulance in many cases. Health insurance will help you focus on recovering from your injuries, instead of how you’re going to pay your bill.

The fact is everyone needs health insurance, regardless of physical condition or age. It’s never a good idea to think that you’re immune to getting sick or being involved in an accident. Compare health care insurance companies to find the best rate for you. They may require that you obtain a physical examination, and you will likely have to provide a record of your medical history. It’s never too early to think about health insurance – but it can be too late if you put it off.

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