Why Would a Homeowner Need Roof Cleaning in Bellingham WA?

Why Would a Homeowner Need Roof Cleaning in Bellingham WA?

Many homeowners are surprised to learn they need to have their roof cleaned from time to time. Not only does this service make a home look more attractive, it can also extend the life of a shingled roof. With this information, homeowners will better understand why they need to seek the professionals for Roof Cleaning in Bellingham WA.

Why Is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

Roofs can become stained over years of exposure to the weather. One of the most common forms of staining is black streaks. Some homeowners worry they need to have their roof replaced when they see dark streaks but this is not the case. If the roof is cleaned in time, damage to the shingles can be avoided.

Shingle damage can be caused by gloeocapsa magma, which is typically referred to as a type of algae. If left in place for months on end, this causes moisture to build up under the algae and on top of the shingle. This can cause the shingle to break down over time, leading to improper moisture protection for the wooden decking underneath.

Because of the expense of having a roof replaced, most homeowners do all they can to protect their roof from damage. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not realize they need to seek Roof Cleaning in Bellingham WA because they do not realize their roof is being damaged by these black streaks.

How Is Roof Cleaning Carried Out?

Before a homeowner seeks roof cleaning services, they need to make sure the contractor they choose uses cleaning methods that have been approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.

Most roof cleaning companies use a soft wash method of removing the black streaks from roofing. This involves spraying the roof with a biodegradable cleaner that safely and effectively destroys the algae growth while preventing damaging runoff.

Depending on the degree of growth, a homeowner can expect to have at least two coats put in place. It is important homeowners act quickly and have their roof cleaned as soon as these black streaks begin to emerge so shingle damage will not occur and require replacement which can be costly.

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