Why US Postal Address Validation Is Essential For Business


Whether you use bulk mail campaigns frequently or just want to ensure that your customers get their bill on time, US Postal address validation can be helpful. It helps you verify addresses through your current databases. It can be used to correct formatting or spelling errors while you enter them, as well as prompt you for any missing details. Usually, you’ll enter information while on the phone with someone, so you can ask them the information right there. Likewise, it will ensure that the ZIP+4 codes are correct and present.

Why It’s Important

Did you know that research has shown approximately 83 percent of companies think their revenue is affected by incomplete or inaccurate data? If you’re unsure of whether or not you’re losing money, chances are, you are! Your ultimate goal is to be as proficient and efficient as possible, which doesn’t happen if customers don’t get the information you send.

What happens if you send out thousands of coupons, but only get a few responses? You may think that the campaign was a failure, but in reality, it was the addresses you entered. Maybe people received the information, but it was after the coupon expiration date. Maybe they didn’t get it at all because the information was entered incorrectly.

New And Current

The goal with US Postal address validation software is to find something that works for new addresses you enter, but can also clean up your current database. Unless you’re willing to buy the software and change your CRM, you need something that works with what you have. Otherwise, you may have to delete all of the information and start anew. Most software options are designed to work with current systems, so it shouldn’t be a problem. However, you still want to check for yourself.

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