Why There Is a Growing Demand for Tin Ceiling Installation in Long Island, NY

Why There Is a Growing Demand for Tin Ceiling Installation in Long Island, NY

The metal ceilings that were once common in elegant New York homes are fashionable again. Contractors like Abingdon Construction are busy restoring original tin ceilings and adding new ones to more modern homes. By choosing Tin Ceiling Installation Long Island NY homeowners to create unique looks and make their homes safer. Ceilings require little maintenance, increase home values and can hide imperfections.

Tin Ceilings Have a Long History

The metal ceiling tiles that contractors use today are replicas of popular tin panels that were all the rage in the 1890’s. In fact, many historic homes still have their original metal tiles. They consist of metal stamped with decorative patterns, some very complex. Originally designed to mimic ornate plaster work, metal tiles create instant elegance. When choosing modern Tin Ceiling Installation Long Island NY homeowners do not always include the matching or complementary wall panels, wainscots and cornices that were so common in the 19th Century. However, contractors can provide those additional elements.

Ceiling Contractors Install Tin Ceilings During Restorations

Contractors can replace the original metal ceilings in New York’s historic homes. When clients request Tin Ceiling Installation Long Island NY experts offer them a wide variety of patterns, colors, and materials. Clients can replicate the original designs and hues or alter them and still get the historic charm they want. Many visit contractor sites like Visit Abingdonconstruction.com in order to view a range of tin finishes. They include chrome, copper, and brass plated tiles. There are also tin or stainless steel tiles as well as clean white finishes.

Metal Ceiling Tiles Add Style to Modern Homes

Tin ceilings are also popular among those who are building or upgrading modern homes. Clients often choose the tiles in order to create unique ceilings in one or more rooms. They also have them installed as accents for traditional ceilings. Metal plates are sometimes used as wall panels. In addition to increasing home style and value, metal is fireproof, needs little maintenance and resists moisture. Some clients even choose the beautiful tiles in order to cover flaws in the underlying building materials.

Historic metal ceilings are in demand again by customers who want to restore older homes. They are also being used to add beauty, interest, and value to newer homes. In addition, customers install the decorative metal tiles because they are fireproof and can hide imperfections as well as resist moisture damage.

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