Why Terrazzo Cleaning Needs a Professional Hand


Placed in the hands of a skilled designer, Terrazzo flooring can become the astounding focal point of any piece of architecture. With a limitless amount of color options available and several different combinations of aggregate to choose from, amazing patterns and designs can be created that can withstand the test of time. Examples of the extreme durability of Terrazzo can be found in the Middle East, where flooring dating back over 10,000 years ago still exists to this day and is in remarkable condition. While this floor is considered a very low maintenance surface due to its lack of pores and grout joints, which normally allow the buildup of dirt and residue, it still requires proper professional care to maintain its pristine condition.

During the construction process there are multiple methods available to bind aggregate together. The selected aggregate anchor will determine the correct cleaning treatment for your surface. Knowing the construction method, materials selected, and sealing compounds are all important factors to consider when caring for a Terrazzo floor. Even using something as simple as normal cleaning materials with the incorrect PH factor, or water-soluble crystallizing salts can cause discoloration or damage to the floor. Typical oil based sweeping compounds are capable of permeating the upper layers of a floor’s finish, causing additional damage to the floor as well as creating a possible fire hazard.

Terrazzo flooring can be considered as a valuable piece of art, most people wouldn’t typically attempt to clean or restore a fine piece of art without proper training and guidance. Calling in a professional can save you a lot of time, money and aggravation when it comes to the proper maintenance of a Terrazzo floor. The cleaning regimen required to maintain your Terrazzo should be understood prior to the installation of the floor. Cleaning programs can change over time depending on factors such as age of the floor, amount of foot traffic, and even the previous weeks cleaning process.

If maintaining the value of your floor is important to you then hiring a professional cleaning service, which has experience with Terrazzo, would be a very wise investment. Remember, this is not your typical walking surface you are standing on! Terrazzo is a work of art that should be respected like any other, and maintained properly in order to retain its beauty and value. If you own, or are considering purchasing, a Terrazzo floor then the experts found at Trend Terrazzo would be able to answer any questions that you might have.

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