Why Snow Country is not Just a Winter Playground

by | Jan 9, 2015 | Travel

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Park City is in the heart of snow country but is more than just a winter playground. Getting to know Park City, Utah is more than just learning about the local ski resorts. Although Park City Mountain Resort is an idyllic setting for ski fanatics, it is also a perfect spot for nature lovers looking for a lovely spot to explore and discover.

Biking and Hiking
Where there is skiing there is mountains which makes Park City a perfect spot for hiking and biking trails once the snow melts. You will find that the summer and fall provide a look at nature at its best with lovely forests, hills and trails to explore. Whether you hop on a bike or put on your hiking boots you will find a stunning area ready to discover. There are also lovely areas with lakes and rivers offering plenty of places to sit and relax, have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful nature around you.

Any ski town worth its weight in gold knows it has a pretty tough crowd to cater to when it comes to dining. In Park City, mountain resort dining has something for everyone. You will find sumptuous dining in luxurious restaurants as well as an assortment of casual dining experiences with mouth-watering menus sure to please. It will be easy to find whatever you desire with choices that include Asian, Italian, and European and of course American cuisines in restaurants, pubs, cafes and bistros located throughout the area. Freshly prepared food served up by friendly, courteous servers is always on the menu in Park City.

Historic Main Street
Regardless of the season you will always find ample shopping to keep you busy. You can wile away an afternoon visiting the local shops along historic Main Street and when your feet get tired pop into a local café to enjoy a coffee or a restaurant for a well-deserved lunch.

Park City is also home to many events throughout the year. From arts to sports and music to the Park Silly Market you will find the perfect time of year to visit based on your interests. Of course you can also visit when it is quiet so you can find time to relax and simply enjoy the view and down time.

Park City Mountain Resort is the perfect area to work, live and play in the winter, spring, summer and fall.

If you are interested in living or visiting us You will find accommodation options to suit your needs and budget right in the heart of snow country.

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