Why Quick Attention to Automatic Transmission Repair in Jenison, MI is the Best Idea

by | Jan 5, 2015 | Autos Repair

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Many car owners never experience any type of problem with their vehicle transmissions. Other than having the fluid and the transmission checked as part of the general maintenance, they do not give a second thought to this important part of the vehicle. If the transmission does begin to develop problems, it pays to take the car in for Automatic Transmission Repair in Jenison MI, at once. Doing so will help head off all sorts of unfortunate events.


Slippage Only Gets Worse


If the car seems to slip out of gear for no reason once, it is a safe bet that the same problem will happen again in the near future. Since this can create a situation that could result in an accident, the problem should be taken seriously. Get the car to a mechanic quickly, before the underlying issue can cause permanent damage to the transmission.


Gears Quit Working


Nothing is quite as frustrating as a car that will no longer go into reverse, other than one that will suddenly not slip into drive with ease. Attempting to gun the engine in hopes of making the car slip into gear is futile and will accomplish nothing but create the need for even more repairs. At this juncture, the thing to do is call a tow truck and get the car to someone who can manage the Automatic Transmission Repair in Jenison MI, as soon as possible.


Grinding Noises


Some people think that manual transmissions are the only types that may begin to make grinding noises. The fact is, automatic transmissions can also develop this problem. If the transmission makes an unusual noise when moving the car from neutral to reverse, or if the car will not slip into the passing gear without making a noise, take that as a sign to get help quickly. Failing to do so could mean being left by the side of the road in the near future.


For those who want to know more about signs of transmission issues, Click here and read the signs. If any of them happen to be occurring now, Contact Bob’s Transmission today. Doing so will help prevent a bad situation from getting worse, and will ensure the car is safe to drive.

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