Why Might Your Home Need a Water Filter System in Marion, IA?


Hard water problems often go unnoticed because homeowners are unsure of the signs to look for. Unfortunately, hard water can be damaging to pipes, so it is imperative homeowners are able to recognize the signs of problems so they will know when to seek a plumber for a Water Filter System in Marion IA. The following information should help homeowners in their quest to determine if they have a hard water problem.

Signs of Hard Water

There are a few relatively obvious signs that should alert homeowners they have a problem with hard water. If any of these signs are noticed, it will behoove an owner to learn more about a Water Filter System in Marion IA so they can determine if filtration is right for them.

* If a homeowner notices limescale in their appliances, coffee pots, glasses, and other items coming into contact with water, this is a sign there is a high mineral content in the water that needs to be adjusted.

* Mineral deposits may be left behind in sinks, on faucets, in tubs, and in showers. These may appear white and chalky, pinkish, grayish, or a combination of colors depending on the types of minerals present in the water.

* Homes with steel pipes will notice corrosion forming on the pipes and constant leaks occurring. If a homeowner finds they are experiencing frequent issues with their plumbing, their hard water may be to blame.

* Individuals are often surprised to learn hard water can affect the health of their skin and hair. Skin and hair will likely appear dryer and lack their normal sheen. The skin may feel itchy and irritated due to the hard water.

* Hard water has a great effect on clothing as well. Clothing will tend to fade faster and become damaged in the wash. This is because of the hard minerals that are present in the water.

Get Help Today

If you are a homeowner who has noticed any of the above signs, it is likely you have a hard water problem that needs to be addressed. To learn more about your options, Contact Waterhouse Water Systems right away.

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