Why is Land Surveying in Gulfport Mississippi Important?

by | Jul 16, 2014 | business services

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Gulfport, like many other cities, is constantly undergoing development. Building jobs in the private and public sectors make valuable contributions to the economy. However, it all starts with land surveying in Gulfport MS. Land surveying involves establishing the boundaries, edges and lines of property. This technique follows standard practices and often attempts to verify the information based on existing records. Sometimes it may be necessary to restore the land information if the original records were lost.


Land boundaries can sometimes be a delicate issue, and often at the center of disputes. This means that there are legal ramifications to the work of land surveyors. Since measurements must be precise, the work must involve the use of state-of-the-art technology. Some civil engineering companies have a reputation for providing quality Land surveying in Gulfport MS. Any developer who needs these services must ensure that they choose a company that has experience in this area.


Land surveying is necessary for the facilitation of different types of projects. Whether the job involves construction, road building or city development and planning, a land surveyor is essential. These professionals also utilize their skills in the planning and designing of subdivisions, construction layouts and mapping. They can put their expertise to work for you regardless of the size of your land or the type. If necessary, surveyors can provide assistance in analyzing and utilizing survey data as well. Before you start any type of construction or development project, it is important to note that only registered persons or companies should handle land surveying.


The types of land surveys vary depending on the client and the nature of the project. A survey can be used to develop a three-dimensional plan for units of apartment buildings. When it is necessary to determine the position and configuration of buildings in large complexes, a surveyor will have to be called in. The clients of these professionals may include real estate developers, utility companies, contractors and architects. Typically, when someone needs the services of a qualified land surveyor, they contact a civil engineering company. Oneal-Bond Engineering is one company that provides land surveying as well as a range of other services.

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