Why is CEREC Important? Find a Dentist in Chicago Loop


CEREC is short for Ceramic Reconstruction. It’s a sophisticated system that designed and creates high-quality dental restorations without any metal. It can be done in one visit, which ensures that residents in Chicago Loop don’t have to have multiple visits to get the item completed before it can be placed in the mouth.

How it Works

The system itself uses 3D technology and CAD/CAM technology to help the dentist create a virtual restoration, such as a bridge, crown, inlay, and only without having to take impressions of the teeth. Many dentists now have this technology, and when it is paired with a milling unit, they can use it to build the restoration while you wait in the dental chair. Therefore, it eliminates the extra sessions with the dentist and helps you get what you need faster.


Many dentists with these machines can do same-day restorations on a variety of procedures, which means you have fewer visits. Therefore, it also costs less because you aren’t being charged for a dental visit each time you go to get an impression or check it to ensure that it is right.

Along with such, the restorations seem to last longer and look more natural, ensuring that you won’t notice a difference after the work is completed. The restorations are also metal-free, which reduces your risk of tasting metal and having lead or other harmful substances in your body. Plus, they are biocompatible, so it’s less likely that you’ll be allergic to them or have serious complications.

CEREC is an excellent option for Ceramic Reconstruction, and many dentists now have these machines in their dental office. Visit Pure Dental Spa in Chicago Loop to learn more about ceramic restoration andhow it can benefit you.

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