Why Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer In Puyallup Wa?

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Lawyers

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If a person hires a reputable Bankruptcy Lawyer In Puyallup Wa, any creditors and lenders involved must stop calling the individual. Lawyers will contact creditors and tell them that their client has filed for bankruptcy. This informs the lender that you are no longer paying your debts until an order from the court has been established.

Stop the harassment

If a lender continues to harass you, they can be charged with ignoring a court order. On the other hand, filing for bankruptcy improves the filer’s image and their financial situation. The bankruptcy filing process should be carried out with the help of a Bankruptcy Lawyer In Puyallup Wa. These professionals can handle each case according to their client’s needs.

Why meet with an attorney?

It pays to meet with a bankruptcy attorney as soon as the client starts having trouble paying off their debts, especially their secured and unsecured debts. In fact, people should contact an attorney even though they are not sure filing is the best option. The first meeting will probably cost the filing party nothing because most lawyers offer a free initial consultation.

An attorney may be able to suggest their client perform certain actions to avoid bankruptcy, including referring him or her to a reputable credit counseling agency. The lawyer can also explain the details of how bankruptcy works, such as the types of debts that bankruptcy will or will not clear. Further, the lawyer could help the client take full advantage of the bankruptcy process.

Things to remember

A reliable lawyer will tell their client that they should not legally transfer any property to another person to avoid having to include the property in bankruptcy. If the client does, the judge may consider what the client did as a fraudulent transfer. That means the transfer is reversed and bankruptcy can be dismissed, which means that creditors can go after the filing party for any debts owed.

Generally, judges will be concerned about any transfer a person has made during the two years prior to filing for bankruptcy. Do not buy more than $500 worth of luxury goods or services from a single creditor during the 90 days prior to the bankruptcy using a credit card. If the client does, the judge cannot allow that debt to be dissolved through bankruptcy.

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