Why Consider the Option of Dental Implants in Newport News?

by | Jul 11, 2014 | Dentist

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Receiving the word that the days of having natural teeth are over can be devastating. Once the initial dismay subsides, the time has come to discuss the alternatives. One of the suggestions that the dentist is likely to make is considering dental implants in Newport News. Here are some of the reasons why this solution is worth investigating further.


Natural Appearance


Dental implants in Newport News definitely provide a natural look. The main bodies of the implants are embedded in the gums, just like natural teeth. Caps are created that resemble real teeth and are affixed to the section of the implants that protrude above the gum line. The detail on those caps is so realistic that no one will be able to tell them from the real thing.


No Slippage


Unlike other solutions, dental implants stay in place. They are not plates fitted over the gums and held in position with the use of any type of dental adhesive. What this means is that the implants will not slip when the patient is eating, smiling, or talking. That can go a long way in helping the individual to relax and enjoy social outings without fears of something embarrassing occurring.


Dental Hygiene


Implants do require using specific types of brushes and toothpaste products, but the basics process for dental hygiene is the same that the patient observed in times past. Brushing still removes any buildup from the surface of the caps. Dental floss helps to remove residue from in between each implant. Mouthwash helps to cleanse the mouth and also refreshes the gums. With implants, there are no new dental routines to learn, something that makes them seem all the more like real teeth.


While it is true that dental implants do require more time and involve invasive procedures on the front end, the results are certainly worth the effort. To learn more about dental implants and the process used to manage the installation, talk with the experts at TaylorDentalCare.net. Doing so makes it easy to get answers to any questions that may come up, including the investment of time and the overall cost. After hearing more about the durability and function of the implants, there is a good chance that the patient will decide they are the perfect solution.

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