Why Choosing A Remanufactured AC Compressor Can Be Beneficial

Why Choosing A Remanufactured AC Compressor Can Be Beneficial

If your compressor is failing, you have a decision to make. You can call in a repair company. You can consider a replacement. This could be a rebuilt compressor. It could also be a remanufactured one. Both have their advantages. If you hope to obtain a high quality replacement, however, chances are you should consider purchasing a remanufactured AC compressor.

What Is a Remanufactured Compressor?

While arguably, a rebuilt and a remanufactured compressor are not new, a remanufactured one must match standards established by the industry concerning the parts used to replace the failed or broken components of the original piece of equipment. It must meet, at a minimum, the exact functional requirements of the compressor produced by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). While the parts replacing the older and failed components may not be brand new, they cannot be either worn or torn.

Two Main Reasons for Purchasing a Remanufactured Compressor

The greatest percentage of replacement compressors installed today falls into the category of remanufactured. The reasons for this are rather simple and imminently practical. They consist of

1. Less Expensive: The costs, depending upon the source of the remanufactured compressor, will vary. However, in general, they are lower than brand new models. The savings may be as great as 30% in some cases for a remanufactured AC compressor

2. Greener Option: Remanufactured compressors are greener than other options. They re-use used components. Reducing the items that could end up as landfill makes this product environmentally responsible. This applies to the used components employed as well as the extension of the life of the overall product

Buying a remanufactured compressor is one way of satisfying a variety of needs. It allows your company to have a high quality perfectly functioning air-cooling system again. At the same time, it is a less costly option to purchasing a new one. In addition to this, you are helping the environment by using a product that recycles components, therefore saving materials and the energy used to produce them.

Buying a Remanufactured AC Compressor

If you need to replace a compressor, you do have options. A repair job may not be feasible but a rebuilt or remanufactured compressor may be suitable. While rebuild do have their benefits, a remanufactured model may be best. Due to the strict requirements of and standards set by the industry, the product that emerges after the remanufacturing process is truly “as good as new” in almost every sense of the term. However, this does not mean that all remanufacturers produce identically superior quality products. It is essential, if you want to find a product that will function at its best for years to come, that you purchase a remanufactured AC compressor only from a reputable company.

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