Why Choose Wix Filters For Your Vehicle


For those do-it-yourselfers or those that take their vehicles into their mechanic for tune-ups and oil changes, buying or requesting Wix filters is always recommended. Many of the top auto shops and garages in the Royal Oak area have Wix products on hand, with some even using them as their standard brand.Гагары

Wix manufactures several different types of filters. These includes both air and oil filters, with several different options for different vehicles as well as for different types of drivers and driving conditions.

Oil Filters

For Wix filters for typical drivers using conventional motor oil, the basic filter is often the best and most cost effective choice. This filter will need to be changed with your oil every 3,000 miles or three months.

The next step up is for a driver that uses a wider variety of oils including synthetic and synthetic-blend oils and tends to have more significant driving habits. This can include a lot of city driving with stops and starts or when here is heavy traffic or extreme dust and dirt where you drive. These filters need to be changed every 4000 to 7500 miles.

The extreme drivers using synthetic oils and using the vehicle for towing, driving in extreme heat or cold or with extended driving in heavy traffic conditions will need the XP filter.

Air Filters

The big advantage to Wix filters to protect your engine from exposure to dirt in the air is the 99.9% efficiency rating. These filters have been carefully designed to create the most surface area in the pleats to not only trap the dust and dirt particles but also to keep the air flowing optimally to your engine.

The next time you are buying filters, or if you have your vehicle serviced at a garage in Royal Oak, be sure to ask for Wix products, you will notice the difference.

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