Who is a Good Candidate for IVF in San Antonio TX?

Who is a Good Candidate for IVF in San Antonio TX?

There are quite a few couples who feel as though becoming pregnant is something they will never be able to do. While in the past, there may not have been much they could do, today, IVF, in vitro fertilization has helped large numbers of people get pregnant and have a baby. The fact is, in America alone approximately one in 100 women give birth thanks to IVF.

What Occurs During IVF?

Prior to starting IVF, a doctor will likely start the patient on a series of different fertility medications. The pills are designed to work to stimulate the ovaries so they will produce numerous eggs all at once. When many eggs are present, it increases the likelihood of a woman becoming pregnant with the IVF in San Antonio TX treatment.

While on the medication, the doctor will actively monitor the woman’s ovaries, check that their eggs are growing and developing and check hormone levels. After the eggs get ready, a small needle will be used for extraction. At this point, the eggs will be placed in a petri dish for fertilization. Once ready, these embryos are put back into the uterus in to see if implantation and pregnancy occur.

Who makes a Quality Candidate for IVF Treatment?

Any couple who has not had success getting pregnant in the past with other types of fertility treatments may choose to try IVF in San Antonio TX to conceive. Those who are suffering from tubal issues may still get pregnant with IVF since the fallopian tubes are bypassed in this process.

Other people who are good candidates for IVF include women who have fertility disorders, such as polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis. With IVF, they can often overcome these infertility issues and get pregnant. Even women who are unable to create healthy eggs can utilize IVF if they are willing to accept donor eggs.

For those who are interested in learning more about IVF, they can contact the staff at the Fertility Institute of Texas. This is a procedure that will provide couples who want to be parents with the opportunities to do just that. Take some time to understand the process and see if it is something that seems interesting. This will help ensure an educated decision is made regarding moving forward with IVF.

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