When You Have Questions A Glenview Child Custody Lawyer Can Help

When You Have Questions A Glenview Child Custody Lawyer Can Help

When you are getting ready to go through a divorce there are many things that need to be done. The process can seem very overwhelming and scary to many people, but there are just a few basic facts that need to be addressed initially. The first step that needs to be taken is to hire the best Glenview child custody lawyer that you can find. This is a very important thing to do. In order to make this important decision you will need to learn about your lawyers’ skills and hear what their strategy will be for handling your case. In addition, you will want to ask them a few questions to determine if they are the right lawyer for you.

Questions to Ask Glenview Child Custody Lawyer

Hiring an attorney is a big deal and it is important that you do some work before determining who you will use. There are a few questions that you will want to be sure to ask any lawyer that you are considering using for your divorce.

  • Where they went to school
  • If they are a member of a bar association or professional organization
  • How long they have been practicing
  • How many child custody cases they handle each year
  • If your case is unique to them or if they have fought other cases like yours before
  • If they have any experience mediating during child custody cases.

These are all basic questions that will allow you to learn a bit more about your lawyer and their background. In addition to these questions you will also want to learn more about the lawyers’ style of arguing the law and how they plan to fight your case. Some of the questions you can ask include:

  • What their approach will be for your case
  • What their style is with clients, if they make all the decisions that they think are best for your case or do they give their clients options and let them chose which direction to take.
  • If you will be working directly with them or primarily with a paralegal.

You will also want to find out from your lawyer if they think that you have a good case and if it is winnable. A few questions that you can ask that are relative to this include

  • What sort of resolution you can expect in your court case
  • If there are any problems with your case
  • If you will have to go to trial
  • How long it will take

Do you need to find a good Glenview child custody lawyer to fight for you? Visit our website at www.divorcelawyerschicago.org to learn about our special services and excellent attorneys.

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