When Wisdom Teeth Extraction Is Necessary, Contact Dentists in Ann Arbor MI


Young adults are likely to be aware of numerous friends and acquaintances who have wisdom teeth removed. They might be facing their own appointment for third molar extraction with dentists in Ann Arbor MI who provide this service. Since so many individuals have this procedure done, it can make someone wonder what the purpose of wisdom teeth actually is. Obviously, people chew food just fine without those teeth, which don’t even grow in until the late teens or young adult years.

Why Do People Have Wisdom Teeth?

Until the third molars appear, a normal set of adult teeth consists of 28. The four additional teeth may be viewed as an entirely separate set. It appears that these extra teeth had evolutionary purposes, but scientists are not sure of any exact purpose.

It’s possible that early humans experienced extensive tooth loss at young ages, so more teeth growing in later allowed them to continue chewing effectively. Another theory is that these extra teeth were useful in the diet of early humans, which required chewing raw plant roots and hard nuts, along with raw meat.

When Is Extraction Necessary?

Wisdom teeth extraction is necessary when the third molars are impacted and will not grow in fully or at all. They can instead become trapped in the jawbone and gums. Sometimes the teeth actually grow in sideways, which can be seen in X-rays. It also is necessary when the mouth is not large enough to accommodate them, as they begin crowding the other teeth together.

If someone needs one or two of these molars removed, Dentists in Ann Arbor MI may recommend having all four taken out at the same time. That’s because those teeth, which are so far back in the mouth, are difficult to keep clean. They are prone to developing cavities and infections, and that is particularly true of partially impacted teeth.

Oddly enough, a small percentage of the population never even develops wisdom teeth. Some 85 percent of those who do have wisdom teeth develop problems with them and need at least one removed. To have third molars evaluated and extracted if necessary, contact us at Washtenaw General Dentistry Associates.

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