When to Call Gas Repair Services in Egg Harbor Township


Most domestic appliances can be run by Gas. You should have some knowledge about their functioning so that you can be able to determine when it needs repair or maintenance services. If you have a gas water heater, schedule with your plumber so that he can perform maintenance service. This will save you the shock of cold water when you least expect it. However, at one time, you might notice signs out of the ordinary. If what you note is any of the following, then it is time to call Gas Repair Services in Egg Harbor Township.

Smelling Gas

Most people assume that gas appliances are dangerous because of their explosive nature. Since natural gas does not have a smell, experts have added a chemical to it so that in case there is a leakage, you will be able to sense it. Other gases like petroleum gas have their own unmistakable odor and once you smell it, open all the windows and ventilate the house. Avoid lighting anything and immediately call an expert to find out where the gas might be leaking from then repair it immediately.

Cold Water

If the water you are getting from your shower and faucets is not hot, first check the pilot light. For the gas valve to open and pass gas, the pilot light should be on. If you had not turned the pilot light on, then that could be the reason why you were not receiving hot water. If however, the pilot light was on, this could indicate that there might be other problems which might need a professional to solve it.

In other cases, the pilot light might refuse to turn on. In this case, read the manual guide correctly and see if you are following the correct procedure to light it. The problem could also be that the gas valve is faulty. A faulty valve will not allow gas to pass through therefore there is no way that the pilot will light without gas. In this case, call Gas Repair Services in Egg Harbor Township.

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