When to Call a Wheaton IL Plumber if You Suspect a Leak

by | Oct 16, 2014 | Plumbing

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One thing that happens to many homeowners at one time or another, but can never be prepared for, is a water bill that is much higher than normal. There are many reasons why a utility bill may be higher at times, but if your water bill seems excessively high even though there has been no major change in usage or rates, you might want to consider calling a Wheaton IL Plumber as soon as possible.


One thing that can cause an unexplained spike in water usage on you bill is if there is a leak somewhere in the system. Sometimes a leak is obvious, such as a leaky faucet or toilet that is always running, but water leaks can occur anywhere within the piping, even underground where it would be impossible for the average homeowner to access.


Another indication that there may be a leak somewhere is if the water pressure in your home suddenly seems much weaker than it was. If your once forceful shower seems weepy, or the washing machine seems to take forever to fill lately, it is a good indication that the water being directed into your house through the pipes is probably leaking into the ground somewhere before it can reach you.


Even if the problem seems very minor, perhaps a small drip in a sink that you don’t give much thought to, that small leak can still waste thousands of gallons of water per year. And all of that water is not only wasted, but you’re paying for it, too, so it’s like literally letting money go down the drain.


A Wheaton IL Plumber can check all of your plumbing and determine if there is a water leak anywhere in the system. The small minor leaks inside the home can easily be taken care of and what you save over time can likely pay for the visit many times over. If the leak is somewhere outside, especially if it is occurring underground, only a qualified plumber should try to diagnose and repair the issue.


Once the problem has been found, you will probably be surprised at how little time it takes to repair when in the hands of a professional. So call your local plumber today, and stop letting all of that expensive water go to waste.

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