When Should You Consider Drug Abuse Treatment?


If you’ve been living with a loved one who uses substances or alcohol for years, you may have a hard time identifying how that substance is affecting their life. Understanding when to consider drug abuse treatments in New York, NY, is often the biggest hurdle for those who live with this kind of situation every day. The signs of addiction are typically the same regardless of the substance. If you see any of these 11 signs in your loved one, consider contacting help.

The 11 Signs of Addiction

The 11 signs of addiction include:

* Strong cravings for the substance

* Being unable to control the amount consumed or how often they consume the substance

* Failing to quit using the substance even after repeated attempts

* Spending a lot of their time obtaining or consuming the substance

* Missing or avoiding life obligations in pursuit of, or use of, the substance

* Using the substance in a way that would be dangerous (such as drinking before they must drive)

* Continued use of the substance even after acknowledging it is harmful to their health

* Continued use of the substance even after negative side effects or consequences (including anything from intense hang overs to losing friends or loved ones)

* Reducing their involvement in things they used to love due to their use of the substance

* Having to use more of the substance to get the same effect

* Experiencing withdrawal when they don’t use the substance

In general, if you see your loved one experiencing more than two of these symptoms within a single year’s span, it is very likely that they are suffering from substance abuse disorder.

What is Substance Abuse Disorder?

The term substance abuse disorder is the formal, medical name for being addicted to a substance. This includes:

* Addiction to alcohol

* Addition to marijuana

* Addiction to opioids

* Addiction to tobacco

* Addiction to sedatives

* Addiction to stimulants

Drug abuse treatments in New York, NY are available for any of these addictions. If your loved one has suffered from any of the symptoms listed above, and regularly depends on one of these substances to get through the day, we can help. We offer effective interventions and aftercare treatment programs to help them stop the madness of dependence. We’ll also help find the right detox facility and start the journey to sobriety in a healthy and positive way. Contact Prehab, Inc. online at website to learn more. You can also like their Facebook page.

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