What You Need to Know About Your Moving Company in Denver

by | Jan 1, 1970 | Moving Services

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Most people don’t move that often in their lifetime and frequently what is learned about the moving industry from one move is forgotten for the next one. Knowing what questions to ask and what research you need to perform can go a long way in learning more about your moving company. Denver is one city where there are many such reputable companies that are willing to provide the information you need so you can make an educated decision about your moving company.

Get Preliminary Data
You should start by looking up Department of Transportation (DOT) and Motor Carrier (MC) license numbers. Companies that operate commercial vehicles must have a DOT number, be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and need an MC license. All of these demonstrate the legitimacy of the moving company.

You will also want to know how their claims process works, how many claims they have had in the past year, and who their contact person is for claims. You can also check the Better Business Bureau for more information about complaints. This would be the most objective source of information regarding claims and overall rating of the company.

Other Services
You might need some temporary or even long-term storage if the place into which you are moving is smaller than the one in which you live now. Find out if either or both of these types of storage is provided and what means of security and protection are used at the storage facility.

Most people don’t think about insurance until they need it. There are two types of insurance. The first is liability insurance, which is required, and covers the workers in the event they get hurt during your move. The second is valuation insurance and covers your belongings for damage during the move. Typically full value protection, or replacement cost protection, is offered and with this protection, your moving service will repair, replace, or reimburse you up to the full value of the missing or damaged items.

Regardless of how much you trust your moving company, Denver references should also be a part of your research. You can ask the company for references, but you should also do some independent research by checking the FMCSA’s consumer website.

Asking your moving company the right questions and doing your investigation can tell you a lot and also take away a lot of the stress about your move.

Armstrong Relocation – Denver is an experienced, well-established moving company, certified by the Better Business Bureau that has been serving the Denver area since 2005. Its team of professionals work with you throughout your move to ensure your move is efficient and successful.

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