What You Need to Know About Smoke Shops in Lakewood WA


What is the connection between cigarette smokers and smoke shops? Before you guess, no it is not a place where people are smoking cigarettes while they are waiting on the butchers to smoke their meat. Well, at least not all the way. People are smoking, and they are in a certain place where they can purchase what they need to smoke, and yes, they sell tobacco products, but something is different about the smoke shops of today. Today’s smoke shops actually offer an alternative to smoking tobacco. Welcome to the world of e-cigarettes. There are Smoke Shops in Lakewood WA who sells these popular e-cigarettes, among other things. Here are some things you may want to know about smoke shops.

Smoke shops are sometimes called head shops and sell all sorts of tobacco goods. They sell smoking tobacco, smokeless tobacco, “legal highs,” lawful party powders, New Age herbs, and of course, the novel item, e-cigarettes. The smoke shop also acts a variety store, selling items such as sex toys, items related to the counterculture, antique walking sticks and other peculiar items. Along the lines of their tobacco-related accessories, you will find pipes used for smoking, water pipes (also called bongs), pipe screens, clips for cigarettes (colloquially called roach clips), rolling paper, rolling machines, incense, blacklight posters for the psychedelic effects, and vaporizers (which also includes the e-cigarettes.

Vaporizers have been the cause of much controversy for smoke shops as people use them for cannabis, marijuana and other like substances. However, per the use for the electronic cigarettes, the purpose is to help smokers switch from traditional tobacco smoking to an alternative better on their health and on those around them who might otherwise suffer from second hand smoke. Thus, the debate continues on both sides as to the validity of smoke shops.

The Vaporium is a non-traditional smoke shop in the Tacoma, Lakewood and Seattle, Washington areas whose mission is to aid smokers in transitioning to the e-cigarettes. They are dedicated to showing a better way to use Smoke Shops in Lakewood WA, providing solutions for smokers all over. If you are interested in knowing more about The Vaporium, you can visit them on Facebook,

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