What will make a good logo?


Your logo on a sign is a vital part of your company or group’s image and branding. Besides being the initial thing that existing and potential customers see and relate to your business, the first impression it’ll make may have a powerful influence over their opinions about your company. With so much influence from a small design, why wouldn’t you have a desire to make your business logo great? However, developing the ideal logo is easier said than done. To make an effective, eye-catching logo which stands out from the competition, you will have to incorporate the below design ideas.

Keep it Simple

Your logo should not require lots of “bells and whistles” in order to get your point across. Easy-to-read messaging or letters, clean lines, and simplistic elements assist in making fantastic logos.

Keep it Timeless
Will the logo still be effective and applicable in five years? How about ten or twenty?  A simplistic design which avoids incorporating symbols, trends, or time-specific references is going to help add longevity to the design.

Keep it Versatile

Is the logo scalable? Can the logo be used on various types of media without pixilation or distortion? Keep the logo design adaptable to and functional with various formats; designing within a vector file type includes an excellent way to begin.

Keep it Appropriate

The target audience must have a main influence over the way in which you design the logo. Are you making a logo for a medical practice or hospital? Keep the phrasing/colors and details business-like and professional. If you are designing for a daycare or additional business, more informal companies, use details and color schemes which are more child-friendly and fun.

No matter which type of group or business you need the logo for, keeping the above 4 tips in mind while designing your logo will assist in making it great. If you require help or are not sure where you should start, call the Sign Shop experts at Gulfside Custom T-shirts.

Our Sign Shop professionals are experts at repairing both interior and outdoor signs. We utilize a broad array of equipment, techniques and tools to ensure that the sign is kept at its best functioning condition. Whether it is repairing a broken sign or doing routine maintenance, our services may be scaled to fit your company’s needs.

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