What to Know When Working With a Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City


Before working with a Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City, there are several important things to know. First, anyone who uses a bail bond company must be aware that the process moves much faster when all the information is available. Have the inmate information immediately at hand, if at all possible, when making the initial phone call to the bail bond agency. This can allow the bail bond company to get the relevant information almost immediately so the process can be started.

What to Have to Secure Release

It’s best to have the money for the bail bond on hand when calling the bail bond agency. Most bail bond agencies can take cash and credit cards, and some are willing to take personal checks as well. The exact amount needed to secure bail varies according to the total amount of the set bail. The bail bond is a percentage of the total bail cost, and it’s a very small fraction. This low cost is all that is needed to secure release.

Signing Paperwork For Release

The paperwork for release is quite straightforward. To secure the release, the person who is posting the money must sign an agreement that states they will make sure the arrested individual makes it to court as scheduled. This agreement is a legally binding one that must be followed to the letter. As long as the arrested person appears for their court date, the person posting the money has met the requirements.

The Time Frame For Release

The time frame for release when working with a bail bond company in Oklahoma City can vary considerably, but in most cases, release can occur within 24 hours. In fact, the release can often happen in as little as a few hours, but this does depend on external factors such as how crowded the jail is, when the arrest actually occurred, whether a court appearance has been scheduled yet, and other factors.

Need Bail Bond Help in the Oklahoma City Area?

When in need of bail bond help in the Oklahoma City area, count on an experienced and trustworthy bail bond provider who is well acquainted with the legal system. Browse our website now to learn more about bail bonds.

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