What To Expect During Root Canal Surgery

What To Expect During Root Canal Surgery

Local dental professionals provide measures to prevent tooth loss. Among these options are surgical procedures to correct damage and provide more effective protection. Root Canal Surgery is among these solutions provided by local dentists.

Why is the Process Completed?

The process is completed when the patient has a damaged tooth that is causing significant pain. Typically, the pain is associated with an exposed nerve. The procedure is often the last resort for protecting the tooth and preventing the need for an extraction. It manages the patient’s pain and discomfort while presenting them with a more effective barrier against damage.

How is the Procedure Completed?

The dentist drills into the tooth and prepares an opening. They cut out the tooth nerve and pulp completely. They clean out the tooth to eliminate any decay or particles that were left behind during the procedure. Next, they inject the tooth with a composite resin. The location of the tooth determines what type of resin is used in most cases. The dentist seals off the tooth and polishes it. Select dental professionals may also install a crown over the tooth if it is damaged severely.

What Additional Measures are Used?

The dentist may sedate the patient prior to the procedure. This prevents any possible discomfort for the patient and eliminates anxiety about the procedure. The dentist may require the patient to take a round of antibiotics before they complete the procedure. This reduces the potential for an infection after the procedure. They also provide pain medication to prevent discomfort or pain.

Managing the Risk of Complications

The only complications associated with the procedure are infections and potential damage. The dentist provides additional antibiotics if the patient develops an infection. However, patients who have experienced negative conditions under sedation should present this information to their dentist.

Local dental professionals provide assistance for patients who have severely damaged teeth. They provide surgical options that correct the damage and provide protection for the tooth. This prevents the patient from losing the tooth due to this damage. Patients who need to schedule a Root Canal Surgery should contact Lewis Family Dentistry or their Facebook page for more information today.


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