What to Expect During a Furnace Tune-up


Like many other mechanical gear, the life of a furnace will be prolonged with preventative maintenance. This will guarantee that all components of the furnace are working efficiently. Every furnace manufacturer recommends an annual inspection and care by a qualified technician. There are some HVAC contractors that recommend having new furnaces checked every other year. However, once a furnace reaches ten years of age, it is best to have them checked annually. It is also worth noting that some warranties have jargon stating that any damage caused to a unit by incorrect upkeep will not be covered under warranty.

Every HVAC company is different in terms of what is expected during a furnace tune-up. There are great tune-up providers for a furnace in Geneva, IL.

A Full inspection
The tune-up should include a full visual and apex evaluation to verify all the parts are working. An experienced service technician should be able to recognize any troubles or indications of extreme deterioration during this assessment.

Pilot and Gas Pressure Assessment
During the tune-up, the service technician should make modifications to the pilot and gas pressure. This is required to return these components to manufacturer provisions. It also ensures your system will work correctly.

Lubrication is required to avoid friction between operating parts of mechanical equipment. A service technician should include this in a furnace tune-up.

Replace Filter
Generally, furnace filters should be changed at least every three months. This increases proficiency and avoids operational problems.

Written Evaluation
Superior HVAC companies will provide their examination in writing or on the tune-up receipt. This assessment will also provide their professional maintenance recommendations for the next year. This vital information can help determine the current condition of the furnace and plan ways to lower energy costs.

An annual examination can improve the performance of a furnace considerably.

If you are looking to hire a company that offers a full-service tune-up for a furnace in Geneva, IL, you can contact Blue Frost Heating & Cooling. You can find information at http://www.bluefrosthvac.com/.

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