What to Consider When Hiring a Web Developer in Seattle, WA


Creating a business’ first website or revamping an old and out-of-date website to bring it into the modern day can be a huge project. A lot can ride on a business’ first impression or a business looking to reinvent their online image. With that in mind, a local business or a major corporation based in Seattle will need a quality web developer. However, with so many businesses offering web development in a city like Seattle, it begs the question how can a business go about finding the right Web Developer in Seattle WA?

Give the Developer a Small Task as a Test

What many businesses try to do is test out a developer that is high or their list or one that comes highly recommended. While this may not always be possible for every business, assigning a small job to a web developer to see how they perform may be a great way to see if the developer is the right fit for a business’ larger projects.

Hire a Developer With an Ability to Change with the Times

Like most technical fields, current technology will likely become out of date in as little as two years. With this in mind, it’s best to look for a developer that can acclimate to new tech rather than basing their work on current tech only. If they can’t learn new skills or roll with changes in technology and new protocols, they may not be a good developer for the business to use.

Don’t Hesitate to Move On

While it may seem a little cutthroat, it is important to take time and make a good decision when hiring a Web Developer in Seattle WA. However, if a developer isn’t doing what is needed, a business must be prepared to take action and cut ties with the developer quickly. Because results are so important, a business can’t afford to wait around for a developer to get their act together. If they aren’t leading the way, a business will need to fire them quickly and find someone who can.

While there are many other things to consider when hiring a Web Developer in Seattle WA, these basic tips can help immensely. By following these tips, a business owner should be able to hire the right developer to help their business rather than the wrong developer that can actually hurt their business.

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