What To Consider Before Ordering Custom Inductors

What To Consider Before Ordering Custom Inductors

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) often develop electronic or electrical equipment that is unique and original, which means that individual components have to be crafted to work within the system requirements.

One such component can be a single inductor or a variety of different custom inductors needed throughout the electrical application. As these passive components are responsible for storing electrical energy, they have to be designed for low core loss and the best possible power conversion.

The Design

While inductors are relatively simple components consisting of wire in specific windings around a core, the specific design of custom inductors has to be carefully planned out to meet the needs of the application and also remain within any regulatory standard throughout the industry.

Ideally, working with specialized companies that provide inductors to order based on the information about the electrical system is the best option. When designing a custom inductor, here are a few of the considerations that are essential.


The material that forms the core of the inductor has to be specifically selected to match the performance needs of the inductor. This is related to the switching frequency, with the higher the switching frequency, the more critical it will be to choose powdered iron, and ferrite options or specialized allows if the frequency exceeds 1000 kHz.

Shielded or Unshielded

Depending on the specific application, it may be essential to consider the use of shielded custom inductors. This is particularly important in designs where the inductor may be located in close proximity in the system to another component that may magnetically couple with the conductor.
Shielding will provide protection for the neighboring components, as will the specific location of the inductor within the system. Knowing these factors will be essential when creating your own inductor design or working with a specialized custom development company.

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