What to Consider Before Leasing a Heavy Truck

What to Consider Before Leasing a Heavy Truck

Anyone who is considering making the transition from a company driver to an owner operator is someone who knows they enjoy the job of driving. You also likely know the ins and outs of the industry and what can be expected. However, you will lose some benefits when striking out alone in things like health insurance, investment opportunities, and even a regular paycheck.

On the other hand, you also get new opportunities. If you’re ready to take it on, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. It’s usually not a great idea to lease from a company while driving for them. They often have high payments and make a lot of money off of you, while making it difficult to finish paying off the truck.

2. Consider a company that has many owner operators who have experience. Talking to other people on the road can give you a great idea of where to turn.

3. Choose a company that lets you choose your load and freight rates. This gives you more flexibility which you’re likely looking for.

4. When you’re an owner, realize that there are always companies in need of your services. You don’t need to take a load that you don’t want, when they rely on you and your truck.

5. It’s hard to get on with reputable companies that pay well. Everyone wants them, and the other drivers are likely not to give you a leg up. You can get there but it will take time.

6. Keeping overhead and maintenance low is a must. This means driving carefully. You want to drive a reasonable speed, get monthly oil changes, and go in for weekly grease jobs.

7. You need to know the basics of maintaining your truck. You don’t have to do the work but you need to know the work is being done right.

8. Get a written estimate when you visit a shop. Make sure that deviation from the estimate will have to be verified first. This could mean spending much more than you want.

9. Don’t rush in. Being an owner and operation takes time and patients. Before jumping on a lease, go out there and learn. Find out everything you can so you’re ready for the upcoming journey.

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