What Sort of Benefits Should be Part of Motorcycle Insurance in St Charles, MO?

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Insurance

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Motorcycles are the primary mode of transportation for many people. Others own motorcycles as second vehicles they use for weekend excursions or as a means of getting around when the family car is in the shop. Whatever the situation, it pays to invest in motorcycle insurance in St Charles MO. Here are a few essential benefits the policy must include. Liability Benefits This part of the policy for Motorcycle Insurance in St Charles MO, focuses on covering any damage done to property or people by the covered party. If the accident is the fault of the motorcycle owner, liability takes care of medical care for injured parties and making any repairs to their property. It does not include any benefits for the motorcycle operator. All liability benefits are aimed at covering costs associated with others involved in the accident.

Collision Coverage The function of collision coverage is to ensure there are funds on hand to take care of any damage to the motorcycle. With most policies, this section of the policy will cover the cost of repairs even if the motorcycle operator was at fault. Thanks to this benefit, the owner will only pay a deductible out of pocket, and the insurance provider will cover the remainder of the repair cost. Comprehensive Protection A comprehensive section of the policy helps to cover events that are not related to the other forms of protection found in the plan. For example, the comprehensive coverage would provide funds to replace the motorcycle if it was stolen or, possibly, damaged beyond repair due to a garage fire. Uninsured Motorist Insurance Including this provision in the plan protects the motorcycle owner in the event another party causes the accident and does not have adequate insurance to cover the damage. Rather than having to spend time and money pursuing legal action against the other driver, the policyholder can file a claim, obtain quotes, and then arrange for the repairs to be made. There are other forms of protection that can be included in a motorcycle insurance policy. To find the right combination of benefits, sit down with an agent and discuss how the motorcycle is used. Based on that information, the agent can recommend the inclusion of important benefits that ensure the client is protected at all times.

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