What Should Be Included in a Boat Insurance Policy in Nassau County, NY?

What Should Be Included in a Boat Insurance Policy in Nassau County, NY?

After purchasing a pleasure boat to use on weekends, the new owner will want to think about options for a boat insurance policy in Nassau County NY. The right type of plan will include provisions that cover all of the common issues and a few things that are less likely to happen. At a minimum, it pays to ensure that these points of coverage are addressed in the insurance contract.

Theft Protection

When checking the terms in a Boat Insurance Policy in Nassau County NY look closely at what is and is not covered under the theft protection clauses. All policies will include coverage for the boat proper, but what about personal belongings and the equipment used on the boat? Don’t make assumptions about what is and is not included in the theft protection. In the best case scenario, any belongings on the boat will be part of the coverage.

Liability Coverage

What would happen if the boat owner damaged another boat while docking? How about being the cause of turning over a raft or running into another boat on the open water? Don’t forget that if someone is a guest on the boat and happens to trip over something, there will likely be medical bills to pay.

Unless the boat owner has plenty of cash on hand, invest in a boat insurance policy with plenty of liability benefits. Doing so will mean even if the event takes place because of direct or indirect actions taken by the covered party, it will be possible to file a claim and take care of the resulting expenses.

Acts of Nature

If the boat is damaged due to severe weather, the cost of repairs can be significant. The ability to file a claim and get the money for those repairs will take a lot of stress off the household budget. When reading the terms covering acts of nature, verify what sort of events are covered.

For help with securing the right type of boat insurance, contact us today. Once the policy is in place, the owner can relax and really enjoy spending a few weekends at the lake.

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