What is the Use of Laboratory Fume Hoods in a Laboratory

What is the Use of Laboratory Fume Hoods in a Laboratory

A ventilation system that helps protect people against dust, vapors and poisonous fumes is called a laboratory fume hood. It also helps protect against unexpected chemical reactions and chemical spills and provides a physical barrier against fire.

Hood Model Types

They come in either the walk-in, bench top or canopy models to name a few. They are also categorized as specialized ventilation equipment, sophisticated hood system – especially for poisonous fumes, or a simple enclosure for vapors that you would rather not smell. They can be individually customized to specific customer requirements, as needed.

Uses for Fume Hoods

As the name of the equipment suggests, laboratory fume hoods are mostly used in a range of laboratories around the world, involving various sectors of industry. The pharmaceutical industry uses fume hoods to protect personnel conducting research and investigation for new chemicals that eventually lead to better products for example, in healthcare.

Healthcare and Industrial

Food testing and hospital labs need fume hoods to conduct testing of biological samples that may become airborne or contain communicable diseases to help with patient diagnosis by medical professionals. Industrial applications such as the petroleum industry or oil refinery labs, plastic or polymer research and manufacturing, and making of synthetic lubricants and other products to name a few.


Lab furniture in high schools and specially universities that have labs for practical sessions involving chemistry and dangerous chemicals also have a need for fume hoods to protect students from harmful fumes and give them practical experience working with a hood, which may take some getting used to.

Specialized requirements for users of sterile or clean rooms need laboratory fume hoods that are safe for the users to conduct research and investigation. If you would like more information on these and other laboratory furniture, a good place to call AGR Fabricators, Inc., located in Jacksonville. Contact them today at 904 733-9393 with your questions on furnishing your lab.

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